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JONIX cube

Improve your environment HEALTH


Depuis le 1 janvier 2021 est le distributeur agrée sur Monaco des produits de sanification et décontamination d’air et surface JONIX, avec ses innovantes technologies NTP (NON THERMAL PLASMA) et certifications contre les virus, y compris le COVID-19.
Comme vous trouverez décrit, ce système de ionisation de l’air avec la technologie PLASMA FROID est très salubre et efficace contre bactériens, staphylocoque, moule, virus, spores, odeurs et VOC (volatile polluants) en général, y compris le COVID-19.

The TEST from the University of Padua: NTP breaks down Coronavirus

The Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) is effective against Coronavirus
The laboratory of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua which tested the Non-Thermal Plasma technology present in the Jonix is ​​also a BSL3. A suitably sized Jonix device was used for the test in order to verify its virucidal activity, that is, its ability to reduce infecting viral particles. The results were clear and demonstrated that our device with NTP technology has an effective antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2, with a reduction in viral load equal to 99.9999%.

The CUBE NTP Sanitizer

Adapt the cube to your space
The time of use of the Cube depends on the treatment objectives and the type of the room in which it is placed: the device has timing programs that allow it to make a versatile and personalised usage. The three operating levels of the Cube correspond to three different timings of the on-off cycles of the plasma generators. In the user manual you will find further indications to adapt the use based on the square footage of the space.

The Technology NTP

The generator
The heart of the Jonix devices are the generators, two cylindrical elements, which generate a plasma at room temperature (Non-Thermal Plasma) capable of ionising the air. The reactive particles of the ionised air exhibit an effective oxidising activity, capable of attacking and neutralising living microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, moulds) and polluting chemical molecules (VOC, particulates).

JONIX sanifie activement l’air et les surfaces contre les micro-organismes y compris la COVID19.